There are three test sites on the territory of Ukraine which are using for JECAM project main goals accomplishment. Geographical positions, responsible organizations and scientific methodology are presented in upcoming sections below.

As first and the most versatile test site is used Kiev region test site. Geographical location: 50°21’45.11“ north latitude and 30°26’40.43“ east longitude. On this area scientific investigations are provided by Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU.

The another test site has been chosen in Lviv region. Geographical location of this agricultural region is 49°49’48.28″ north latitude и 24°00’51.50″ east longitude. The investigations on this test site were provided by Center of the Special Information Receiving and Processing, State Space Agency of Ukraine.

And, finally, third test site was countryside Pshenychne which belongs to branch of production of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Geographical location: 50°7’42.99″ north latitude and 30°14’35.00″ east longitude.