Products 2013

JECAM-related tasks:

- Winter Wheat Yield Forecasting for the whole Ukraine.
- Based on satellite data, meteorological observations, crop growth model.
Newsletter #1
Newsletter #2

2. ESA Sentinel2-Agriculture
- Participation as a “Champion User”.
- SPOT-4 observes JECAM Ukraine every 5 days to simulate Sentinel-2.

3. Validation of global products
For JECAM test site in Ukraine
Within FP7 ImagineS
(Dr. Roselyne Lacaze HYGEOS, Earth Observation Department Toulouse, FRANCE)

Follows VALERI protocol (30 ESU – elementary sampling units):

- compliant with CEOS Land Product Validation (LPV) guidelines;
- CAN-EYE software.

Biophysical parameters: LAI, FAPAR, FCover.
Example of processing for winter wheat.

Project for Google Earth – may -2013-05-17.kmz
Project for Google Earth – june -2013-06-15.kmz
Project for Google Earth – july -2013-07-15.kmz
Сrop maps – cropmap.pdf
Satellite imagery – ndvi.pdf

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